Fishpond Geigerrig 2 liter (70 oz) Pressurized Hydration Bladder

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SKU 205-9-950-00543

This pressurized hydration delivery system fits all of our specified packs and is a hands-free way to stay active.

To activate flow, simply squeeze the oval-shapped bladder repeatedly to gain inner air pressure. Then open the water valve on the other end and let it flow! The hydration pack filter automatically filters water if you attach any Geigerrig water filter inline.

Please note: filter sold separately, includes only hydration bladder.

  • 2 liter [70oz.] reservoir
  • #15 denier polyurethane with compression backing nylon
  • Taste free, odor free and UV stable design
  • Pressurized bulb/tube allows spray to drink
  • Surge protector valve with on/off switch
  • Dishwasher safe
  • In-Line Crypto Filter (optional), filters 50 gallons of water

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