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Rising Crocodile Pliers Release Tool

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Product Description

Versatile pliers plus release tool. The Crocodile pliers, in 3 sizes, accommodate a wide variety of hooks and fly shapes. The interior diameter of the Crocodile Jaws dictates which size you would want to use - the wider and thicker the body of the fly, the larger the pair of Crocodile pliers you would want. Body thickness is the main consideration, not the length of the fly.

Using the Crocodile pliers for a release tool is easy, and it reduces the gear you have to take fishing; best of all it greatly reduces the handling of fish. As you can see by the image below, releasing the fish does not require touching it at all. Simply grab the tippet as the fish gets near you, lock the Crocs around the tippet and slide down until they are wedged into the shank of the hook - then either keep pushing the hook out, or turn the Crocs slightly and push the shank towards the sky so the fish can fall off the hook. This is the method shown on the image below, as you can see the Crocs being rotated in the middle frame. These pictures also show that the biggest shock to the fish, other than being hooked in the first place, is to be lifted out of the water momentarily while gravity helps dislodge the hook. But since the amount of time is measures in seconds there are no long term effects. It is faster and easier on the fish than any other release method.


  • Comes in either 6 in., 8.5 in., or 12 in. size
  • Clean cutting blade
  • Rubber grips and magnetic Crocodile Jaws
  • Intenal spring for superior operating tension
  • 3-Click Locking for one handed use

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