C&F Design FSA-2544 Medium 4 Row MSF Fly Box

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C&F Design FSA-2544 Medium 4 Row MSF Fly Box
SKU CFD-FSA-2504-61321

The C&F Design FSA-2504 is a medium system fly box replacement foam. With C&F system boxes and accessories anglers can customize their fly boxes to their individual requirements and fishing situations. Each box features a spring loaded fastener to which a sheet of flies can be clipped and ejected easily. On Saturday you might be fishing dry flies on the Henry's fork and then on Sunday streamers on the Madison. Clip in the fly sheets with the appropriate dry flies for Saturday, then when you get back to the lodge that night, unclip the dry flies and clip in the streamer selection for the next day! A system insert for medium sized fly filing system boxes with four rows of MSF for #4 - #10.

  • 4 rows of MSF
  • For fly sizes #4 - #10
  • Color: Gray
  • Weight: 1 oz. (28 g.)
  • UPC: 754072702941
  • Model Number: FSA2544
C&F Design Fly Box Sizes:
Box Series Dimensions
Small 4.9 x 3.7 x 1.3 (12.4 x 9.4 x 3.3 cm)
Medium 6.2 x 4.2 x 1.6 (15.7 x 10.7 x 4.1 cm)
Large 7.75 x 4.5 x 1.65 (19.7 x 11.4 x 4.2 cm)

Medium System Box Insert Options:
3 Row - Slits for Streamer
4 Row MSF #4-#10 Flies
5 Row MSF #8-#14 Flies
7 Row MSF #12-#22 Flies
FSA-2500 System Foam FSA-2504 system foam FSA-2505 System Foam FSA-2507 System Foam

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1 Review

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    You won't find any better quality or versatility!

    Posted by Jerry Griffin 1115880674 on Mar 8th 2018

    Ordered two C & F Design 4-row inserts along with some 6- and 7-row inserts and two extra C & F fly boxes from Avidmax. My order arrived in a timely manner and was accurately filled. First time ordering from AvidMax, but was pleased with the customer service to order again.

    If you're looking for a fly box, you won't find any better quality or versatility than the C&F Design fly-box system. Have been using it for years. The 4.6" x 3.7" x 1.3" boxes are just the right size for shirt-pocket, vest, or pack. And they come in 4 colors (off-white, light gray, dark gray & black), which can be used to color-code your fly selection. For example, caddis in one color, mayflies in another, and nymphs in yet another. But the real key to the system's versatility is the interchangeable foam inserts. The 4-, 5-, 6-, and 7-row inserts will accommodate dozens of flies from midges to drakes. There is also a special foam insert for streamers and another with wire threaders that simplify tying tippet to small flies and midges. With the C & F system you can organize and load your flies on the inserts and them pop them in and out of the boxes, mixing and matching the type of flies you'll be using for a day on the water or for whatever the fishing situation demands. With several boxes and a variety of inserts you can pretty much match any hatch out there. No need to buy or carry a plethora of different boxes. Just add the less expensive inserts as your fly collection grows. And to store the extra inserts, there's also a handy 12" x 9.5" x 1" plastic case that is sold separately. Each case will hold 6 additional inserts. And from what I've seen on their website, AvidMax has a full range of the C&F fly-box system components, which is quick and handy for one-stop shopping.

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