Tenkara USA -Sato Fly Rod & Accessories Kit with Level Line and Line Keeper

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Tenkara USA -Sato Fly Rod & Accessories Kit with Level Line and Line Keeper
SKU 210-1-955-26818-b

This custom Tenkara Fly Fishing Outfit comes with a Tenkara USA Sato Fly Fishing Rod, Tenkara USA Level Line, Tenkara USA Line Keeper, Tenkara USA Universal Rod Cap, Tenkara USA Ishigaki Kebari Flies, RIO Powerflex Plus Leaders, AvidMax Clip-On Retractor with Nippers, and AvidMax 5" Forceps.

Tenkara USA Sato Fly Fishing Rod - The Sato is a compact and super lightweight that is durable, versatile and feels very precise. The triple-zoom feature allows you to use the rod at three different lengths - 10’8”/11’10”/12’9” - short to ease you into tenkara, long to give you a taste of the advantages presented by a long tenkara rod. The Keep your Plug ™ system allows you to remove the plug from the top end of your rod and insert it into the hole at the bottom of your rod. Comes with two plugs on the rod, and has a closed length of 22.75". This rod is a fast 6:4.

Tenkara USA Level Line - The best tenkara level line anywhere: very little memory right out of the spool, the right stiffness for casting, and most importantly VERY HIGH VISIBILITY! This level line was specifically formulated and developed exclusively for Tenkara USA. 20 meter (65ft) spools allow you to cut 4 or 5 lines out of one spool at different lengths.

Tenkara USA Line Keeper - A tenkara line keeping solution designed to hold two tenkara lines, or a tenkara line and tippet, as well as up to 12 flies (or your rod plug) in the integrated fly compartment, for a minimalist and innovative solution to manage your tenkara equipment. A unique line-catching mechanism catches the line between two walls as you wind, so that the line never "explodes" out of the spool, and you can stop winding it at any point rather than looking for a notch to stop.

Tenkara USA Universal Rod Cap - Designed to fit a variety of tenkara rods, this cap offers better overall protection to the end of the handle segment. It is also easier to keep track of than a plug, and the line can remain attached to the rod with this cap fitting over it. Stays snug on the rod due to the rubber piece that is used to secure it.

Tenkara USA Ishigaki Kebari Flies - These are the tenkara flies exclusively used by renowned tenkara angler, Dr. Hisao Ishigaki, and fully embodies the simple spirit of tenkara fly fishing, where more emphasis is placed on the technique of the angler, not on the gear he uses. Size 12. Three flies per set.

RIO Powerflex Plus Leaders - These are the strongest and most reliable trout leaders ever made, with tensile strengths up to 20% more than regular leaders. A technical modification of the nylon copolymer formulation has resulted in prodigious strength increase, without compromising the knot strength or suppleness. Each pack contains 2 premium leaders.

AvidMax Clip-On Retractor with Nippers - This is an essential tool for any angler who is truly ready for action.

AvidMax 5" Forceps - Simple, and perfect for your fly fishing needs.

Features Include:
  • Tenkara USA Sato Fly Fishing Rod
  • Tenkara USA Level Line with Tenkara USA Line Keeper and RIO Powerflex Plus Leaders
  • Tenkara USA Universal Rod Cap
  • Tenkara USA Ishigaki Kebari Flies
  • AvidMax Clip-On Retractor with Nippers and AvidMax 5" Forceps

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