Tiemco Vise II with Standard and Large Jaws and C-Shaped Offset Arm

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Tiemco Vise II with Standard and Large Jaws and C-Shaped Offset Arm
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This is the most advanced true rotary vise. This vise will give you the feeling that the jaw alone is floating in the air by itself. The C-shaped offset arm, which supports the jaw at the other side from the tyer, allows maximum clearance behind and around the hook. The vise stem is adjustable up to 25cm in height. The pedestal base features a magnetic dish, suction mats for additional stability and three hexa-wrench holders. The TMC Vise comes with the standard jaw, which will handle hooks from 32 to 1/0, and enclosed is a second set of large jaws that will handle hooks from 4 to 8/0. Included in the box are a set of English/Japanese instructions (well translated), the vise itself with a second set of jaws and a set of three Allen (Hex) keys.

Features Include:
  • Adjustable vise stem
  • C-shaped offset arm
  • Standard and large jaws
  • For hooks size #32 to #8/0
  • Black

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1 Review

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    3/4's of the way there

    Posted by Hunt on May 13th 2017

    I. Advantages.

    1. As advertised, the rotating head/three hinge system allows for the best flexibility of any rotary vise I have used -- you can adjust easily to see every possible angle when tying a fly.
    2. The telescoping stem allows those using the pedestal base additional height adjustment.
    3. Excellent hook holding on standard jaws; easy to use.

    II. Disadvantages. There are several:

    1. The rotary function is not a ball bearing system; it is simply good machining with lots of grease. Due to the difficulty in adjusting tension, effective rotary function is limited.
    2. The rotary tension adjustment mechanism is, at best, awkward to use and almost impossible to fine tune.
    3. The stem design limits one's use of standard 3/8" vise stem add-ons, such as back plates, lamps, tool racks, and bobbin holders: simply, there is insufficient room. The upper part of the stem is not 3/8"; and the middle part is taken up by the stem screw and is too thick. This leaves only about 1" to 2" of 3/8" stem at the bottom to fit add-ons.
    4. The stem/head tension screw serves more for show than function; actual adjustment is at the rear, with a hex wrench.
    5. Limited range for the standard jaws. Although there is another set of jaws for large flies, you have to take the head apart to use them. Not much of an issue if you are a production tyer; big issue for us amateurs, who like to tie only in small runs.

    OVERALL: Too many design defects to qualify this vise as the "best mousetrap" of the rotary vises, which, for the price, it should be. Tiemco, you are 3/4s of the way there; pity you did not complete that last quarter.

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