Umpqua Fly Fishing Ultimate Trout Selection UPG Fly Box

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SKU 205-4-960-09286

UPG's Ultimate Trout Collection comes with 78 of the hottest trout flies to give you the best shot at taking trout anywhere that they swim. A wide selection of attractor and match-the-hatch fly patterns designed by todays most creative fly tyers like Randall Kaufmann, Mike Mercer, Craig Matthews and John Barr. A complete selection of wet and dry flies that will put you on any river or stream in style. This Ultimate Trout Fly Collection is pre-loaded into one of the award-winning UPG Medium Orange fly boxes - a $35 value by itself! These unique fly boxes feature slotted foam to easily secure and remove flies, water resistant seals, see-through lids for easy fly identification, and easy one finger push-button opening allowing access to both sides individually.This Ultimate Trout Series Fly Selection includes the following patterns:
  • Kaufmann's Stimulator Yellow Size 12 (2 ea.)
  • Kaufmann's Stimulator Royal Size 14 (2 ea.)
  • Kaufmann's Stimulator Orange Size 14 (2 ea.)
  • Kaufmann's Stimulator Olive Size 16 (2 ea.)
  • Matthew's Caddis X Tan Size 16 (2 ea.)
  • Parachute Adams Size 16( 2 ea.)
  • Parachute Adams Size 18 (2 ea.)
  • Royal Wulff Size 14 (2 ea.)
  • Royal Wulff Size 16 (2 ea.)
  • Cutlers L/C Caddis Olive Size 16 (2 ea.)
  • Matthew's Sparkle Dun Sulphur Size 16 (2 ea.)
  • Matthew's Sparkle Dun Baetis Olive Size 16 (2 ea.)
  • Lawson's E-Z Caddis Olive Size 16 (2 ea.)
  • Parachute Blue Olive Size 18 (2 ea.)
  • Dave's Black Beetle Size 14 (2 ea.)
  • Dave's Hopper Size 10 (2 ea.)
  • Schroeder's Parachute Hopper Tan Size 10 (2 ea.)
  • Madam X Size 10 (2 ea.)
  • Turck's Tarantula Brown Size 8 (2 ea.)
  • Wolley Bugger Olive Size 8 (2 ea.)
  • GB Crystal Bugger Black Size 8 (2 ea.)
  • GB Prince Nymph Size 12 (2 ea.)
  • GB Prince Nymph Size 14(2 ea.)
  • GB Hare's Ear Size 16 (2 ea.)
  • Kaufmann's GB Stone Rubber Legs Black (2 ea.)
  • Kaufmann's Mini Stone Brown (2 ea.)
  • Barr's Copper John Size 16 (2 ea.)
  • Barr's Copper John Size 18 (2 ea.)
  • Barr's Copper John Red Size 16 (2 ea.)
  • Mercer's Micro Mayfly Olive Size 16 (2 ea.)
  • Mercers Biot Epoxy Stone Gold Size 12 (2 ea.)
  • Flashback Hare's Ear Size 16 (2 ea.)
  • GB Squirrel Nymph Size 14 (2 ea.)
  • Mercer's Poxyback PMD Size 16 (2 ea.)
  • LaFontaine's Deep Sparkle Pupa Brown/Yellow Size 14 (2 ea.)
  • Mercer's Poxyback Baetis Size 18 (2 ea.)
  • Mercer's Z Wing Caddis Amber Size 14 (2 ea.)
  • GB Pheasant Tail Size 16 (2 ea.)
  • GB Pheasant Tail Size 18 (2 ea.)
  • Total: 78 Flies
  • A collection of 78 of the hottest trout fly patterns
  • Pre-loaded in the award winning UPG fly box
  • Tied on premium Tiemco hooks; Dry flies tied with Metz Hackle
  • This selection is effective anywhere that trout swim
  • A perfect starter pack, or gift
  • Model Number: 9286
  • UPC: 052857092868

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