BogaGrip Fishing Landing, Handling and Weighing Fishing Tool

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BogaGrip Fishing Landing, Handling and Weighing Fishing Tool
SKU 205-3-931-BogaGrip-P

The BogaGrip is an extremely useful fishing tool made 100% in the USA. It is great for landing, handling and weighing fish of all kinds. It handles fish by encompassing the fish's lower jawbone and works on most species of fish. The BogaGrip features easy, one-hand operation and will accurately weigh fish. The BogaGrip is very saltwater resistant. It is ideal for the wade and bank fisherman, as it clips nicely to a fisherman's apparel; but it is equally at home in a boat. The BogaGrip is built to handle fish weighing double its scale capacity. The BogaGrip is available in 3 models.

The BogaGrip is available in three models.

  • Model 315: The scale weighs fish up to 15 pounds in 1/4 pound increments. It is 9 inches long and weighs 9 ounces.
  • Model 130: The scale weighs fish up to 30 pounds in 1/2 pound increments. It is 10 3/4 inches long and weighs 1 pound.
  • Model 260: The scale weighs fish up to 60 pounds in 1/2 pound increments. It is 15 inches long and weighs 1 1/2 pounds.
The BogaGrip is built to handle fish weighing double it’s scale capacity.

The BogaGrip is generally tube shaped, with one end serving as the grip and scales and the other end with a pair of jaws. It has a trigger sleeve that slides along the main tube serving as an opening and closing means, as well as a lock. The grip consists of a sleeve tube covered with a non-slip grip. The grip sleeve slides over the main tube and is linked to it through the scale spring. The main tube has a precision scale embossed in it to match each individual scale spring and the scale is calibrated using certified weights to insure accuracy within one increment. You can send your BogaGrip to IGFA (954-927-2628 Dania Beach, FL) where they can certify it for world record catches.

The BogaGrip is made in the USA of USA made materials. All metal parts of the BogaGrip are made of 300 series stainless steel with the exception of the precision scale spring which is 17-7 PH stainless steel. All plastic parts are made from acetal which is a high performance engineering thermoplastic that is used in unlubricated bearing applications. Acetal is tough and resilient and is very resistant to UV light. Constructing the BogaGrip of these materials makes it very strong and resistant to conditions encountered while fishing in fresh or saltwater.

  • Keeps hands at a safer distance from teeth, fins and hooks
  • Less likely to harm fish
  • Weighs fish accurately and easily
  • Keeps hands dry in cold weather
  • Stainless steel construction using ball detent pins which allows assembly without screws or threads and affords quick takedown and assembly
  • Saltwater proof
  • Scales embossed in stainless steel tubing for durability
  • Clips nicely on apparel for easy access

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    A must have for the serious fisherman

    Posted by AvidMax Customer on Jan 2nd 2016

    Great quality and worth every penny. It does everything it claims to do. Just awesome.

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