Loon Outdoors Stealth Tip Toppers

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Loon Outdoors Stealth Tip Toppers
SKU 959-StealthTipTopper-P

The same high floating material as used in our Tip Toppers but with less conspicuous color, the Stealth Indicators are designed for the days when fish are spooked and stealth is of the essence. (3 pack)
Directions for use: Select size and color based on conditions and weight of fly. Create a loop in the leader at the appropriate depth, and pass loop through rubber ring on Tip Topper. Pass Tip Topper through the newly created loop. Gently tug leader on either side of indicator to cinch and secure Tip Topper in place. Adjust length on leader as needed.
  • Yarn indicator
  • Treated with patented silicon formula for extra flotation
  • Rubber O-ring for easy attachment
  • Stealth colors
  • Excellent sensitivity for subtle takes

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1 Review

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    Very subtle, excellent stealth, below average floatation

    Posted by Joel on Jan 16th 2018

    As soon as I receive the stealth tip topper I was excited to try it out. My first outing I was somewhat unimpressed with the strike indicator. I was fishing very slow moving water with a two nymph rig.

    Size/Color - one of my favorite parts of the indicator is that it is very subtle. I got the white and black indicator, and dry it is about the size of a quarter. It lands very softly and is not a bright, noticeable color. You would have no problem casting this in slow water close to a fish without spooking it.

    Flotation - this aspect of the indicator was a little more disappointing. After just 3 casts the indicator was sinking. This was all in very slow moving water without riffles or eddys to get sucked into. I dried it, treated it with floatant, and cast my rig back out. After treating it, the float was significantly better, but it did still need to be treated multiple times throughout my morning.

    Overall, excited to use it in slow water, but for anything faster it won't be beefy enough to stay afloat.

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