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what is ithow to earnyour rewards
AvidMax Rewards Program: What is it? 
Sign up for an account and start earning 5% back on all your purchases. Then, watch the rewards come in! The bottom line is, we want to earn your business and keep you coming back for years to come. To do that, we are going to reward you for doing just that. 
How To Earn
Watch these points accumulate fast! We appreciate you spreading the word about us. When you do the things below it helps us, so we will reward you!
  • +250 Points
Place an order  
  • +5 points for every dollar spent making an order
Refer a friend
  • +500
Your Birthday: Learn how to imput your b-day here *Please note: Birthday points are awarded on your birthday, not right away. 
  • +500
Share AvidMax on Facebook
  • +150 
Share AvidMax on Twitter
  • +150 
Follow us @avidmax on Instagram
  • +100 
Like us on Facebook
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Your Rewards
Boom! You have done the work, made your orders, and are reaping the rewards - AvidMax rewards, that is! Spend them as they come in, or save them and let them pile up into bigger rewards. Enjoy, you have earned it. Click here to learn how to use and redeem your reward coupon
500 points = $5 discount
1000 points = $10 discount
2500 points = $25 discount
5000 points = $50 discount 
When you buy $200 worth of AvidMax gear you will earn 1000 points and get a $10 worth of rewards. Make sure you sign up for an account for our system to start keeping track!
Have you already signed up? Check Points Level here!
*Use of points under AvidMax Rewards agrees and accepts all of our website Terms & Conditions and terms listed here. Cannot be used in combination with newsletter sign up or any other promotions. AvidMax reserves the right to modify or cancel this promotion at any time. Your AvidMax Reward points expire after 2 years. Sorry, they can't last forever, so make sure you use them or our mean angry point removing monster will take them away! Please note: the AvidMax Rewards Program is just that: a reward. Any customers found attempting to fraud or abuse the Reward program will find their accounts deleted and orders canceled.